Turquoise house

Turquoise House

Images of Outdoors and of Home

Carolina Martinez, Artist and Educator

email: 68.carolina@gmail.com

Images of Home

Home Exteriors

tala country house

Tala Country House

small cottage

Small Cottage

home by the river

Home by the River


Warmth of Home

in my room

In My Room

dining room

Dining Room

grandmother's house

Grandmother's House

living room

Living room


Activities at Home

cooking potato pancakes

Cooking Latkes

reading a book of poetry

Reading Poetry

a Christmas Eve


dinner outside in the sukkah

Sukkah red tablecloth


Outside Images

At the Ocean

swimming with dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins

a walk along the seaside

A Walk Along the Seaside

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon

grandmother plays with grandsons on the beach

Grandma Plays with her Grandsons

a pair of fish

Pair of Fish

a swim with fish

Swimming with Fish

the sand in my toes

Sand in my Toes


In the Forest and Amidst Trees

a grove of old growth trees

Grove of Old Growth Trees

colored pencil trees

Colored Pencil Trees

ombu tree

Ombu Tree

tree in my yard

Tree In My Yard


Central Park

squirrel hides and butterflies fly

Squirrel Hides and Butterflies Fly

luminous deciduous tree

Luminous Tree

pods from a tree sit on the tablecloth

Pods on a Tablecloth

a wind surrounds the leafy tree

Winds Surround the Leafy Tree

japanese garden#2

Japanese Garden #2

japanese garden

Japanese Garden #1

trees of the coast of Oregon

Trees of the Oregon Coast

an abstracted tree

Abstract Tree

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce

home in the distance

Home in the Distance


In the Garden

in the snow

In the Snow

with cats in the garden

With Cats in the Garden

a walk in the front yard

A Walk with My Cat

missy in the hydrangeas

Missy in the Hydrangeas

Meg and I on a lawn

Meg and I on a Lawn

autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves


In the Moonlight


Jerusalem in the Moonlight

by hydrangeas in the moonlight

I Sit in the Moonlight with the Hydrangeas


Pre World War II Villages


Peddler Comes to the Shetl


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