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My Art Influences

Carolina Martinez
Artist and Elementary Educator


Current Art Influences

I currently am influenced by the art of Roger Shimomura, Estelle Ishigo, and Henry Sugimoto

Estelle Ishigo

leaving home family in an apartment Estelle Ishigo

Estelle drew and painted what she saw, to journal, and then later her paintings were in her book titled, Lone Heart Mountain, that shared what life experience was for the interned in camp.

Roger Shimomura

Roger Shimomura being watched at night Desert Garden
soldier in guard tower Shimomura's grandmother

Roger currently shows his work, and some of his paintings are memories or inspired by the time he was interned as a child in Minidoka.

Henry Sugimoto

Henry Sugimoto news of pearl harbor Naturalization
going to the showers no second serving soldier

Henry Sugimoto painted his personal experience and the Japanese experience, in life and at Jerome Internment camp, before, during and after the internment.

Past Art Influences

portrait of frida Frida Kahlo portrait of frida

It's Frida Kahlo's earnest desire to share her pain and her struggle that have inspired me to make courageous paintings of my deepest feelings.

arles bedroom Vincent Van Gogh starry night

From Vincent VanGogh's paintings, I got the courage to play with line and texture in my work.

matisse women Henri Matisse still life matisse

From Henri Matisse, I learned that it's okay to loosen up,
not worry about the perfection of realism, and boost the color and pattern.

fiji girls Paul Gaughin dressed fiji girls

Paul Gaughin's work inspires me to have rich compositions,
with many details, and with an emphasis on the human form.
I believe he is a master in the area of figure painting.
And the lovely part with him, is that the human form can be beautiful larger,
without the emaciated look of modern culture.

snow scene Claude Monet monet's garden

From Claude Monet's paintings, I am inspired to have a complex
composition, let the brush or line detail show,
and layer the color to give a delicate, polished image.


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