a grandmother and granddaughter with their pets

Images of Animals

email: 68.carolina@gmail.com

wild hair woman with cat

Wild Hair Woman with Cat

Carolina Martinez, Artist and Educator

Images of frogs

frog swimming

Frog Swimming in Pond

Images of birds

bird on a snowy day

Bird on a Snowy Day

burrowing owls

Burrowing Owls

great horned owl

Great Horned Owl

penguin family

A Penguin Family

canada goose family

A Canada Goose and Her Family

raven watching over territory

Raven Watching Over Territory

crow in the window of maiden's dressing room

Crow in the Window of Maiden's Dressing Room

Images of horses

Loving Bond

Loving Bond


an Arabian

A Barb and his mate

A Barb and his mate

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider



At Sunset

At Sunset

horse at night

Horse at Night

sleigh ride

Sleigh Ride

Images of wolves

grey wolf

Grey wolf

Images of Bears

polar bear family

Polar Bear Family

grizzly bear

Grizzly Bear

polar bear family on an ice flow

Polar Bear Family on an Ice Flow

grizzly mother and daughter

Grizzly Bear Mother and Daughter

polar bear mother and daughter

Polar Bear Mother and Daughter

Images of Seals

harp seal

Harp Seal

Images of Fish

 a pair of fish

Pair of Fish Swim Together

Images of Raccoons

raccoon brothers

Raccoon Brothers

Images of Dogs

a boy and his dog

A Boy and his Dog

a happy dog

A Dog with Great Sensitivity

Images of Cats


Sketches done with Apple iPad and Apple Pencil, or with iPhone

Collage of Lily

Meg with belly exposed

Meg curled up

Meg curled up



Painted Cat

Meg smiling

Tabby cat

Renderings in Pencil



cat 4

Cat 4

cat 2

Cat 2

cat 9

Cat 9






Renderings in Pen and Ink

striped cat

Striped Cat

tabby cat

Tabby Cat

cat in the plant

Cat in the Plant


Chalk Pastel, Marker and Watercolor

Siamese family

Siamese family


Watercolor, Marker, Colored Pencil and Oil Pastel with collage

meg and I on the lawn

Meg and I, on a lawn


in Watercolor and Marker

Meg looks into my eyes

Meg looks into my eyes

Red Tabby

Red Tabby

Abysinnian and his person

Abysinnian and his person

cats in a living room

Cats in a living room

family of cats

family of cats

house full of cats

house full of cats

kitten Simon

Simon as a kitten

cat with kittens

Cat with her Kittens

cat watching butterfly

Cat Watches the Butterfly

siamese on an easy chair

Siamese on an Easy Chair

missy in the hydrangeas

Missy in the Hydrangeas

grey cat on an end table

Grey cat on an End Table

cat lady

Lady with her Siamese Cats

in the garden

In The Garden

with my cat

With My Cat

enjoying the sun on the couch

Enjoying the Sun on the Couch


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