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Art Styles and Subjects

shabbat candlelighting Jewish Ritual and Life Siamese Family Animals Green Buddha Buddhism
tea ceremony Portland Japanese Internment Project abstract shapes Abstract Outdoors and Home
christmas scene Holidays and Occasions at the fireworks People hamsa Jewish Designs
angels Spiritual Journey and Inspiration toys on hanukkah Children's Toys and Things connection Dance and Fashion
shell necklace Jewelry and Magnets quilt Quilts possibilities 1 Collage
encaustic picture Encaustic Work metallic me 1 Printmaking woman in buffalo robe Native American Inspirations
gypsy violinist Italy Paintings Cinderella Story Characters peppers Food

Carolina Martinez, Illustrator and Fine Artist
Contact me by email:

ILLUSTRATION: I am available, should you see that my artwork or style matches what you are seeking, for illustration contract work. I negotiate my own contracts at this point, and can do smaller contracts(1 - 10 illustrations) from September through June, since I am a school teacher. I can do smaller and larger contracts(full book) in the summers June through August. I prefer to retain rights to my artwork, but I will negotiate with you fairly, and negotiate a reasonable and fair price for my time and work. I welcome the work. Please contact me by email or phone, and expect 1/2 -2 day response time, based on my schedule at the moment of your contact. I am professional, detailed, and honest in all my dealings.

TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THE PORTLAND JAPANESE INTERNMENT PROJECT, via my facebook page, called Portland Japanese Internment Project, and you may message me through Facebook. I welcome any comments, suggestions, showings of my work, publication of my work, or collaboration of any nature.

Facebook Link for this project:

Search for Portland Japanese Internment Project on Facebook

ONLINE STORE: Please contact me if you would like to purchase any artwork, greeting cards, magnets, jewelry or quilts.
If you see artwork or merchandise you like, or you like the style, let me know specifics (title, style, theme) and we can discuss price/shipment. For online orders, I work with Western Union money orders, for secure payment.

Paintings: My paintings vary in cost according to time/labor and size. Most of my paintings price from $50 - $250, depending on their size.
I sell prints or greeting cards of the paintings. Prints go from $30 - $100, depending on painting size. Cards are $2.50 per card, with envelope. If you see something you like: specify the title, the size you are interested in, what type of merchandise you are interested in, and your price range. I can create portraits and paintings to specifications, and would enjoy working with you.

Quilts: Bed size Quilts start at $450. Infant Crib Quilts run $100. Throws run $300 - $400

Jewelry and magnets / memory jewelry: My jewelry sells for $5-10 for earrings, $20 for bracelets, and $30 for necklaces. Magnets and memory jewelry pendants sell for $5.

children's illustration and judaica illustration

children's illustration and judaica illustration

I create hand-painted compositions with marker, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and pastels to create vivid images with joyful expression. I accept single illustration contracts as well as...

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